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) commented sarcastically: «Lord of the Flies in

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R Fla.) wrote that «antifa» a loosely connected, militant activist network known for violence had designated Seattle as its capital and that the United States should not «surrender ANY of its communities to mob rule EVER.» Sen. Ted Cruz (R Tex.) commented sarcastically: «Lord of the Flies in downtown Seattle.

«I have done it in the past,» Cousins said. «Rain affects it, wind affects it, how much we get of each of those. When they start to combine and be a lot of both, it can be really difficult. «We’ve told agents about it, called the NFL Players Association when things were really, really bad,» Smith Williams recalls. «They would say, ‘Oh, we’re really sorry that you are going through this. The culture is passed down more by example than diktat.

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From there, the evidence of NFL bias only «gets clearer and morphs into fraud,» Blecker charges. The Wells Report contains a photograph comparing two gauges in an attempt to show that they looked similar and thus Anderson must have confused them. But the junk science firm used by Wells, Exponent, apparently doctored the photograph, misaligning two rulers and changing a camera angle to hide that the needle on the gauge Anderson remembers was twice as long as the other; it would have been almost impossible to mistake them..

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