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During their time in the Academy

The Fire Academy is a highly intensive training period where recruits become firefighter certified to the highest level in the State of Wisconsin. During their time in the Academy, recruits also learn about various specialties within the Madison Fire Department, including Hazardous Materials Operations, rope rescue deployment, vehicle extrication, elevator entrapment, fire prevention, fire code enforcement, and fire investigation. Community service, such as school visits, are also an important component of the Academy and is highly encouraged throughout the recruits’ careers at MFD..

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Baltimore has allowed six passing touchdowns four against the Bengals in the first half of Week 2 somehow, and two in their other 11 halves of football. The next touchdown Baltimore allows in the second half of a game will be the first time they’ve done so all season. Brees is still a monster, so he’s still likely in your lineup, but I wouldn’t touch him in DFS unless it’s a total flier contrarian play..

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I wish it was bigger.the horn, man, it horrible. I just feel like they really took away from the Rams uniform. And it looks almost like the Chargers logo. «You know, over the tenure of my career there were so many identity things taken away,» he continued. «The individuality, the Joe Horn and Chad Ochocinco, the Terrell Owens, the celebration, that went first. Then the team celebration went.

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