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Hang the jigs in the toaster oven and let heat up

hot and sticky nights on the way as heatwave continues

After the war, he married Jean Wright, whom he met at a USO dance in Coffeyville, Kansas, finished his degree at the University of Iowa, and worked for the IRS until his retirement in 1982. But he didn’t leave his military service behind; he continued in the Air Force Reserves, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. In addition, he would serve as an umpire for Mason City’s Little League, a member of the Knights of Columbus, the American Legion, and Holy Family Church.

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Perry entered the arena in a short fire print dress with orange flame wings atop a gigantic robot tiger with glowing red eyes that looked like a CGI effect for her monster hit Roar. Anyone who could tear their eyes away from the remarkable scene and focus on the music would have noticed Perry appeared to be singing live, instead of lip syncing. She finished in an ankle length star covered dress while soaring into the air, suspended on a tiny platform during Firework, her strongest song of the show.

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