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He also threw a trick play touchdown pass to wide

Having all but conceded that he was going to be swallowed alive by Clemson’s enormous defense, Hurts tucked the ball as he rolled out to pass from his own 12. But as he took one last peek at the end zone, there was receiver Calvin Ridley, wide open. So just before he gave up on the play, Hurts kept it alive, flicking the ball to Ridley for a touchdown that put the Crimson Tide up 10 0..

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They have an impressive team, but defending their title remains an against all odds proposition Popeye Jones doesn get to Edmonton to watch his son, Caleb Jones, play for the Oilers because he busy coaching with the Indiana Pacers. Time I was in Edmonton was for the Brick Tournament, that all star tourney for young kids, the one time Raptor says. Think they were 10 year olds then.

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The Patriots offer a mental gauntlet beyond strategy. Leading up to a 2016 divisional round game in New England, Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin had battled a bum ankle. As Maclin ran through a pregame workout to test the injury, Childress, then an offensive assistant under Reid, noticed something unusual.

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