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However, the Packers defense was able to hold them Solution: You as the manager must get involved and put a stop to the poor performance right away. The employee also needs to know that your organization does not tolerate poor performance and there will be consequences for bad performing employees. When they know the consequences it will be no surprise to them when you take action.

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In order to magnify that positive review, you have to be an influential person. Famous actor or musician) is because it is a great boost to their advertising campaign. In fact, it is one successful endorsement they no longer have to organize. As a recent retiree from the State of Illinois in two pension systems, state employees and university employees, I am appalled at the mistakes being made in the calculations of my pensions. One has shorted me service time and the other has miscalculated the annuity amount. Plus, Social Security is waiting on those final numbers to see how to screw me on my Social Security payment.

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