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«I didn’t think it was long enough

The Redskins had some good fortune Sunday against the Cowboys, particularly with the controversial snap infraction penalty against Dallas before its missed would be tying FG. But give the Redskins credit for playing well on defense and avoiding turnovers while doing just enough on offense. They certainly can win a less than fearsome NFC East, especially given their favorable schedule the rest of the way..

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It’s not Wells’s fault that he was assigned the job of writing a scientific report based on no data. As physicist blogger Drew Fustin observes, to call something scientifically certain, «I’d expect to have the pre game measurements carefully recorded, along with the room temperature at the time of the recording,» he writes. Also the atmospheric pressure, and the relative humidity.

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But Mark Schlereth, a former player and now an ESPN commentator, agreed with those who felt the punishment was insufficient. «I didn’t think it was long enough. I didn’t think it was stiff enough. He has found the end zone four times (only six WRs have more). Agholor and the Eagles face the Redskins for the second time this season; he had six catches for 86 yards and a TD on eight targets in the first meeting. Washington will likely be without Josh Norman, but could get some others back in the secondary.

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