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In a public school it’s up to 20 students a teacher

The encouragement of microdosing amphetamine to increase stamina and kill efficiency is one of the first known and reported benefits of microdosing. Now a fad that the popular media reports amongst everyone from Silicon Valley executives to soccer moms, many suggest that microdosing psychedelics can help to produce a state of flow, increasing cognitive and emotional efficiency. Unsurprisingly, the military is showing enthusiastic interest, with recent publications such as in the Marine Corp Gazette celebrating FDA trials and the potential for microdosing to increase soldiers’ efficiency in battle.

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The latest suit did not deter Carlson from returning to the air Monday. In his first show since the pre planned interregnum, Carlson attacked The New York Times for allegedly preparing to publish a story which would reveal the location of his house. Carlson suggested that the move would endanger the lives of his wife and children.

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