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It takes a village to create a demon

In these Dark Ages of the Reign of Trump, Curtis Sittenfeld’s «» descends like an avenging angel. Here, in the pages of this alternate history about Hillary Clinton, is the story not of «What Happened» but of «What Could Have Happened.» This isn’t just fiction as fantasy; it’s fiction as therapy for that majority of Americans who voted for Clinton in 2016 and are now sick and unemployed under the current calamitous administration.It takes a village to create a demon, and that tireless work has produced the extraordinary boogeywoman that is Clinton, the conniving, corrupt, murderous, senile, pedophiliac, money grubbing, cookie hating, email abusing harridan who terrifies Fox News commentators. Indeed, as the subject of thousands of wing nut conspiracies, Clinton may already be the most fictionalized person in modern political history.But «» is something of a rarity in American publishing.

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