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Last week, the league put out an unsigned statement,

On a fundamental level, it’s reasonable for the coach to feel unqualified to go there right now. The excuses come easily: It’s not my issue. It’s too complicated. Another failed fourth down for Carolina: For the second time in this game, the Panthers failed on a fourth down attempt. Newton, under pressure from the Barrett, threw incomplete on fourth and 1 from the Tampa 45 yard line. The Panthers also have failed to convert on their last eight third down chances.

“You can tell he’s hungry and wants to get better,” Bynes said of Burrow. “That’s what I like about him. I think everybody is knowing that, especially on offense. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and should work fine as long as your smartphone has enough power to play back the content, which shouldn be an issues for most. And since it is simply done in stereoscopic 3D, you are not even limited to using only Google Cardboard. A lot of third party products exist for a variety of devices and screen sizes and a quick search online should get you quickly geared up for some VR fun.

Cincinnati linebacker Vontaze Burfict won’t let his Bengals get intimidated by the Steelers, but often he makes the penalty that gets a suspension or costs them a game. In the third quarter, Burfict hit Steelers receiver Antonio Brown in the head with his arm. There was no penalty, and Bengals players tried to defend him after the game.

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Dundon declined to answer questions this week about the football league, citing ongoing legal issues that need to be worked out. Last week, the league put out an unsigned statement, saying: “We understand the difficulty that this decision has caused for many people and for that we are very sorry. This is not the way we wanted it to end, but we are also committed to working on solutions for all outstanding issues to the best of our ability.”.

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