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MakeMinot successfully advocated for a smaller city

He’s done a good job of getting his message across loud and clear, and I think the guys have responded well to it. The big word around our locker room has been playing connected. Every team wants all five guys on the ice to know where each other are on the ice but putting it in place, I think, is the challenge.».

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cheap nba Jerseys china «I don think so. That is part of the business,» Kozlov suggested. «I think he madehis decision and he decided not to re sign with us and go for another team. Josh Wolsky, right, listens as Mayor Shaun Sipma prepares on June 23 to present a certificate to Wolsky for his service on the council as Shannon Straight watches at left.As they step away from service on the Minot City Council, Josh Wolsky and Shannon Straight say they will continue to be watching from the sidelines and advocating for Minot from new vantage points.Completing three year terms on June 23, Wolsky and Straight were part of the MakeMinot movement that swept them onto the council in June 2017.MakeMinot successfully advocated for a smaller city council, and leaders Shaun Sipma, Straight and Wolsky were top vote getters. Three others with previous council experience were elected to one year terms. Those three Mark Jantzer, Lisa Olson and Stephan Podrygula won subsequent elections and continue to serve while Sipma since has been elected mayor.One of the goals of MakeMinot was to increase the number of election candidates for city council, and Wolsky said in that respect, it has been perspective, and from the MakeMinot perspective, I think we seen in this election cycle that the system has improved. cheap nba Jerseys china

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