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Researchers don’t know why some people who suffer

«It was like we kind of needed that sharing of memories, it was very heartbreaking when we found out,» she said.Sterin Pensel said she knew even when they were classmates more than two decades ago De Simone would be a great teacher. The pair met at the Universidad del Salvador, where they started in 1992.»She was always super brainy, brilliant, you could tell already she had a bright future ahead in teaching or in any endeavor she set her mind to,» she said.De Simone was a «beautiful person inside and out,» she said, adding: «You know those type of individuals, those women who just inspire you?»Bolo said it was «really special» the way De Simone made connections with her students.»She managed to show herself and talk about her life and her passions and her other jobs. She was very personal but also super professional,» she said.

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