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Sheer advertising is not enough

He notes, an accumulation of coins that appear in the spring when the snow begins to melt off. I was 7 my parents gave me a blue cardboard folder to collect pennies by year. Hard as I tried, I never found a 1943 S Lincoln penny accidentally struck in bronze by the San Francisco mint.

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Heritage MicrofilmHeritage MicrofilmHUMAN NATURE, JANUARY 16, 1919When a person is sick, whether with the flu or the coronavirus, it is advised that they stay home and away from their office.That is what the subject of this cartoon did, remaining home from work for a week while telling everyone he had only a bad cold and not influenza.»Flu your grandmother!» the man says when another says he hopes he does not have the flu. «It’s nothing but a bad cold.»This continues for three more panels.»What a terrible scourge this influenza is! My! My!» a doctor says.When he finally returns to his office, one of his coworkers asks how he managed to get a week off if all he had was a cold»Cold!!!?» he replied. «I had the FLU! A darn close call, too!» Editorial cartoons from the Syracuse Herald in 1918 and 1919 gave a unique perspective on the Spanish influenza epidemic.

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