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Smith raised $17,260, all in gifts of $500 or less,

In the 1990s, Romney began cultivating influential people who might become key supporters of a political campaign. Two months after his failed 1994 campaign for the Senate seat held by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D Mass., Romney accepted an invitation to fly on Trump’s plane to Palm Beach to attend the Super Bowl, which was held in Miami in January 1995..

wholesale jerseys from china Peveto raised $36,433, with her biggest donation, $2,500, coming from Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Whitten has pulled in $32,138, with Timbers Chief Operating Officer Mike Golub and a Wieden + Kennedy executive each giving $1,000. Smith raised $17,260, all in gifts of $500 or less, with many of the donors being active voices in Portland’s bicycling and transportation world, including long time city transportation bike guru Roger Geller.. wholesale jerseys from china

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