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When the 37 year old QB emerged for the second half

L’instant, tout est sous contrle. Les hpitaux d’Isral ne sont pas confronts une pnurie de matriel mdical de prcaution. Mais si la situation devient plus complique, il pourrait y avoir une pnurie. As was recently communicated to students who had signed up to study abroad in the fall, Notre Dame International is currently evaluating the feasibility of proceeding with study abroad programs on a country by country basis. Their team is looking at official health advisories and travel bans, local health care systems, isolation and quarantine requirements and availability of facilities. We hope to make a decision on study abroad programs in early June.

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After much back and forth, a compromise was reached. (Or, as my attorney wife says, «If you want a kitten, ask for a pony.») It was agreed (and approved by city council) that Idlewild would be one way north, which would theoretically prevent traffic leaving the new Kroger from using our street. Theoretically..

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