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You want to make them as thin as you possibly can

The more scaring it has, the nicer the stick. That’s what to look for when out «hunting» for good pieces. The ones that are really scared up. It is thought that peridots were given the nickname «the evening emerald» because they would glow at night and be more easily seen by miners. More good news: It is thought that Napoleon gave a peridot ring to his wife Josephine as a symbol of his love. Bad news: He later left her..

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Start by taking a small red cabbage and chopping it into quarters. Cut out the core which is hard and does not add much to cabbage consumption! Slice each quarter across into thin strips. You want to make them as thin as you possibly can. The Super Bowl ad features a humorous appearance by the original Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan, who also headed Australia successful «shrimp on the barbie» tourism ads of the 1980s. Australia Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Steven Ciobo, is confident the investment will pay off. «Creative ideas such as this are what we need to captivate our key target audiences,» Mr Ciobo said.

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